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You drive your Porsche with confidence, knowing you’ve got the best-looking car on the road. But what about having the best-taken-care-of car on the road? That’s where we come in. At Jack Daniels Porsche, we know that caring for our customers and their vehicles requires attention to detail, especially where brakes are concerned.

Our factory-trained technicians know what to do whether your brakes are malfunctioning or you’re just coming in to make sure everything looks to be in shape. If you hear a squeak, feel a grind or just want some reassurance that your Porsche and its brakes are running at maximum capability, come on into Jack Daniels Porsche and let us take care of it.

Brake Service Cheat Sheet from Upper Saddle River, NJ

When do car brakes need to be changed?

Your car brake pads may need to be replaced or repaired if you hear squeaks or squeals when you press your brakes or feel vibrations in your brakes or steering wheel. Bring your car in for service if you notice a light on your dashboard that indicates a problem with your brakes or if they feel off to you.

So how should car brakes feel?

They should feel firm and they should slow and stop your car without protest. There shouldn’t be vibrations in your brakes or steering wheel. Also, your brakes shouldn’t feel soft or spongy or cause your car to pull to one side. If they do, bring them in so we can test them out and evaluate the problem. Which brings us to…

How are car brakes tested?

We evaluate the entire brake system to make sure brake pads, rotors, calipers, and lines are all fully functional. We check the wheels for brake dust and the brake pad for thickness, then feel your brake pedal and steering wheel for any abnormalities.

What causes car brakes to fail?

Oil leaks that interfere with brake friction, overheating of brakes, and over-worn brake pads are all factors that could contribute to eventual brake failure and require a replacement.

Where do I go to fix my brakes?

For maximum performance, choose the factory-trained experts and genuine Porsche parts offered at Jack Daniels Porsche.

Schedule an appointment online at Jack Daniels Porsche. Our expert technicians have years of experience servicing Porsche vehicles and maintaining different brake systems.

We look forward to visits from customers in Upper Saddle River, New Jersey, as well as nearby Jersey City and New York City.